Council of State Begins

The Council of State has begun, but with out the presence of the opposition. I’m half-expecting it so no surprise here. So much for getting the inputs of key personalities from all opposing sides and various sectors.

What surprised me though was finding out in this article that there’s already an existing body – the Legislative-Executive Development Council – which functions similar to the CoS. Until now, I didn’t know that Ledac existed.

If that’s the case, then I agree with Sen. Joker Arroyo when he described the CoS as “a decorative body without any real power or clout.” The way I interpret it, the essential function of CoS is to come up with answers  that address the burning issues that our country is facing. Or to put it simply: mere words on paper.

And like everything else, such actions entails costs. Costs paid by us (or most of us). Spending time and the people’s money on the CoS is utterly senseless, considering that Malacañang already has Ledac! And besides, I doubt if the people will even consider their output as “clean and untainted.” Or if the people will even care since CoS is a Malacañang-initiated move.

Anyhow, since it has started already, we might as well see what they can come up with. And to the opposition: it would have been more interesting if one of you were present. Just one. For the sake of some sort of balance.


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