Pacquiao Effect

This news article made me laugh. Last Sunday was a crime-free day for Metro Manila! Was that even possible? I asked myself. Whether that claim is completely true or not, the point was everyone was watching the big fight of Manny Pacquiao. Now, I’m thinking, we should train and send more boxers around the world to fight for other boxing titles.

And when Monday began, it was back to normal for our hard-working politicians. But not quite. Still reeling from the victory of Manny, they went into a frenzy of resolutions and proposals – from lauding the boxer’s skills and sportsmanship to declaring Manny’s arrival as a non-working holiday. Although I found it commendable that they made effort to make sure that Pacquiao’s achievements didn’t go unnoticed, I just felt that they’re overdoing it. And how long before all the glory and attention start to fade? We’ve had other boxers – as well as other athletes! – who brought home titles as well, but where are they now? Has our government, through the generosity of our loving politicians, fulfilled and sustained any of the promises they gave to these athletes?

I realized now that all *these* simply illustrate how deprived the Philippines is of something that we can be proud of – as individuals and as a nation. And please, give Manny Pacquiao a break.


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