Kids are a bundle of joy. Sometimes.

I’ve heard the statement before. Many, many times. Parents, particularly mothers it seems, are often the ones who impart the younger generation with such beliefs about having and raising children. And I’m sure they mean well.

Yes, kids say the funniest, smartest, and the cutest things. Sometimes, it’s not what they actually say or do, but how they say or do it. They act and speak in a certain innocent-but-not-that-innocent way that some grown-ups, myself included, find all amusing and adorable. Kids – from babies to 7ish ones – are a bundle of joy. But we all know that that‘s not always the case.

What professional parents conveniently forget to tell is how kids can drive you crazy, how they can turn your place – or any place! – into a complete mess effortlessly, how annoyingly noisy they can get when they’re hungry, happy, or plain cranky. And these are just the little toddlers ha.

When they start going to school and have absorbed enough radiation from the tv, life gets more interesting. All of a sudden, you’re not the only source of knowledge, habits, and some questionable values. They now have cartoon characters that display all sorts of behaviors, a plethora of classmates and friends from all sorts of backgrounds.

It sucks when you realize that even though you’re a parent, you’re not the only one doing the parenting. And you wake up one day accepting you’re not the most influential person in their lives anymore. That you’re just one among the many.

It’s just one of those days. This too shall pass.

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