Non Multa, Sed Multum

A priest once told our class back in high school, “Non multa, sed multum. Not many, but much.” I already forgot why and under what context he said that, but the latin quotation stuck with me: quality over quantity.
However, I recently observed that as I grew older, achieving quality anything has become more, well, challenging. From quality education to quality food, from quality material things to quality relationships – a decent quality of life, in a broader sense.

Sometimes I prefer buying “value meals” over a full meal. On other occasions, I enjoy buying affordable imported clothes, n shirts for x pesos, rather than saving up for one really nice shirt in this store. I find it convenient to have quick hi’s-hello’s with friends instead of endless conversations about petty issues and lifechanging decisions with a few close friends.
It’s not that bad really. Especially when quality is hard to come by these days.

Sometimes, quantity makes up for (the lack of) quality.


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