Again, Again

I recall reading in an article a long time ago that the greatest invention of the recent century is this: the eraser. (Or the correction tape or pen of the more modern time.) And amidst today’s greatest technological advancements, I find this to be the the most useful: the undo button (Ctrl+Z).

Both the eraser and undo give us a second chance. Or a third. Or a forth. Essentially, they give us the tool and the power to correct an error, to fix a mistake. It’s undeniable that they do have their benefits. Quite a lot really. Yet in certain ways, they somehow spoil us.
But in Life, some mistakes cannot be removed. Decisions cannot be revoked. And so, we are stuck with the consequences – more often than not, the punishment. Once you have crossed the line, it is next to impossible to go back. Sometimes. Lines, no matter how thin they are, are there for a reason.

It doesn’t matter whether you get a “second chance.” Or a third. Or a fourth.
Becuase the result can still go either way. And for repeat offenders, Fate may not be so kind the second time around.

The truth is, although one cannot really “go back”, for some people having that second chance is more than what he or she can ask for. To take another risk. To take another dive. Again and again.

Because some plunges, whether it’s perfect or plakda, is worth the leap.


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