A Reply to a Letter

The CBCP should be reminded time and again on the basic principle of the separation of Church and State. Let us not allow religion to divide mankind. Let us respect the law just as we respect the rights of others.

I just read this letter/email by Mr. Jaime de Vera to the editor. You can read the rest here. I do agree with the letter sender. The CBCP, as an organization, does have the tendency to get involved in State affairs. And more often, they are pretty vocal to say the least.

The way I see it, however, the Church cannot always remain an observer of political issues, especially when the issues concern our people, not as mere cheated citizens of our country, but as human beings who in their day-to-day lives experience the consequences of unjust social structures copulated by an ineffective government.

It’s not just about praying or spirituality or religion any more.

The role of the Church, us and not just the CBCP, concerns truths that do affect people’s lives; their living and working conditions; their rights, hopes, and dreams; and their dignities.


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