What Women Want

Chocolates, roses, greeting cards, and jewelries are gifts highly appreciated by women. It’s true that those gestures make a woman feels that she’s important and valued, whether it’s Valentine’s or birthdays or Annivs. But in reality, that’s not what women want.

What a woman wants is fulfillment.

Last week, the thought began about something else. Yet, the reflection led me to that realization – a woman wants fulfillment. Not just a mere accomplishment or an achievement. Not just financial success or a position of power. More than just understanding and respect. But something more.

It’s a fulfillment all her own. It’s a fulfillment outside their over-protective parents, beyond their demanding children, separate from their chauvinist husbands or clingy boyfriends, unbound by limitations imposed by culture, tradition, and society. She wants a thing that is hers, and hers alone.

Something that is her.

To be full. To be filled.

Happy Valentine’s to you.

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