Another Meeting

A meeting initiated by the Makati Business Club was attended by big businessmen, Bro. Mike Velarde, Mrs. Cory Aquino, and a couple of anti-Arroyo personalities according to this article.

The business sector, it seems, is taking a more active role in all of this. Well, they should be. Although some businessmen have learned to “adapt” to the unending political crisis (read: set aside a certain part of the yearly budget to pay off corrupt government officials), I can only imagine how much the decent businesses are losing in terms of potential revenues and cost to operate effectively if only our country’s a bit more politically stable.

It is difficult to do business in a country where the political environment is filled with uncertainty. In strategic planning of companies, there has to be political stability in a country; or else, potential investors or fed up businessmen would rather bring their businesses somewhere else. And we all know that taxes are not enough to fund the government’s operations. Thus, it’s really up to the government as well as the business sector to attract the much needed money from outside as well as maintain the ones that we have here.

So, to the MBC, good luck. Although part of me is thinking that you just want your big businesses to be more profitable, I hope that that meeting (and future ones) will be beneficial to all Filipinos.

Let’s see if money really talks and if money makes the world go around.

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