Unlimited and Unrestricted Free Speech

I bought another book. Ack! I did mention already that I buy books semi-impulsively. Anyhow, its title is “Classic Philosophical Questions” edited by James A. Gould. It’s old and it’s on sale, so why not buy it.

Anyhow, one of the portions of the text discusses Political Philosophy and there’s a sub article about freedom and democracy, and about free speech being unlimited. The free speech part is what caught my attention. The text quoted John Stuart Mill (who published On Liberty, 1859) arguing:

If an opinion is suppressed, and it is true, then we lose the opportunity of exchanging truth for falsehood. If an opinion is suppressed, and it is false, then we lose the opportunity of obtaining a clearer conception of our own position. Hence there shouldn’t be any censorship of political speech.

Relating to this news article, I understand that freedom of speech is a crucial element of democracy. People – from ordinary citizens to professional journalists – should be able to express their thoughts freely, without any restrictions from any authority even from the government.

Under any political circumstances, news pertaining to any government official or the government itself, shouldn’t be restricted or regulated in any way – unless we’re under Martial Law, which we’re not. Yet. Officially.

With Proclamation 1017 still effect, the administration is essentially encouraging the media to report more balanced news. However, what do we do when there’s nothing to report except bad ones?

There are times when I feel that all that I see on tv and newspapers are negative reports on the governement. Perhaps they’re true, or somewhat true. Either way, I get sick of it sometimes and I try to read and watch less and less
The major effect on me is that I don’t know what to believe anymore. I keep hearing words such as truth, constitutional, democratic, freedom, majority, illegal, etc. but I have become skeptical about what I read and watch, especially the ones from main stream media and the big networks.

Most, if not all, of their news are mere opinions and speculations from all sorts of political and feeling-political figures. ‘Balanced news’ has been reduced to exchanges of words – a reaction of person A to the statement of person B.

I don’t want to know what they think. I don’t want to hear about their opinions or their comments or their reactions.

I want to hear the facts, the details, the analysis, what really happened, the root causes, the actual reasons, what it means for us common folks.

I admire Senator Arroyo for standing up to the ideals of free speech, but I’m not so sure I feel the same way about those who exercise and over-exercise the concept of free speech. There’s a difference between being critical, balance, and transparent; and being hypercritical and destructive all together

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