I Realized That I’m Gay

Rustom Padilla tells fellow Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition housemate, Keanna Reeves. Rustom together with 2 other PBBce contestant are facing a possible eviction on Satarday’s episode. So just in case that he gets evicted, he wanted Keanna – well, the viewers really (they do know they’re being watched don’t they?) – to know that he is gay. He adds that that was the main reason he joined PBBce.

The rumor of him being gay began when he and then-partner Carmina Villaroel separated. Neither Rustom nor Carmina ever confirmed the rumor. But eventually, the rumor died down. Rustom disappeared from the limelight, and Carmina moved on with Zoren.

I’m not laughing at him being gay. But I found this funny.

He said that back then it was his family (mainly his father) who pursuaded him to repress his sexuality. He was mocked by them. He was physically abused. And now, they’re commending him for coming out. Nyek. Does his family even realize that it was them who caused Rustom much of his pain and confusion? And now they’re praising him for his courage. Wow. I would have wanted to read that they were sorry because they did not know any better back then. Or maybe they were, the writer of this article just didn’t include it.

The lesson: The truth will eventually come out. (No pun intended.) So Ate Glo, when will yours come out?

One question though: Of all people, why Keanna??? He should have waited till Sunday and told Boy Abunda or Kris Aquino instead. LOL. 😀
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