Near Blog-Death Experience

Well, it’s not really a near death experience per se. Just a few minutes ago, after logging in to my WordPress account, a line at the top my ‘Dashboard’ told me that I didn’t have any blog post yet. My first reaction was Huh? I just checked it a few hours ago. How can that be? So I went to the ‘Manage’ page where my entries were supposed to be listed – it was empty. EMPTY!!! My heart sank to the floor. That’s impossible! I told myself in shock and disbelief. Then I opened Internet Explorer, thinking that there must be something wrong with Firefox, and ‘visited’ my blog. It was also empty and there was a messenge saying “What you’re looking for is not here.” Shet! Shet! Shet!

I almost cried.

Sure, this blog only had two months worth of entries but still. I was wondering what the hell did I do wrong the last time logged in. I was frantically trying to remember if clicked any link that said ‘Delete this blog.’ Did I unwittingly commited a blog suicide? I was on the verge of contacting WordPress to ask – to demand! actually – that they retrieve my blog ASAP because I was sure – well, just pretty sure – that it wasn’t my fault.

And I was also wondering if it’s possible that an angry reader hacked into my account and deleted my entries because of what I wrote recently. Who could that disgrunted reader be? A Rustom Padilla fan? A Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo supporter? And why delete my blog??? This blog is practically insignificant!

Hinga ng malalim.

But as a last resort, I thought of using another computer to access my WordPress. Just to be sure. I was still on the verge of crying at that point.

Then lo and behold! My blog is still here! It’s ALIVE! Hay naku, Unsent. My heart can start beating at a regular pace now. I’m still wondering though why my blog made a disappearing act on the other computer.

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2 thoughts on “Near Blog-Death Experience

  1. Yup, all the entries are still intact. The formatting buttons are still acting funny every now and then though. I’m guessing, it’s partly because I’m using a slooow 500Mhz pc and an even slooooower dial-up internet connection. Oh well. I used to back-up my entries by double posting at blogspot, pero nakatamaran ko na after a few entries. I’ll probably continue with it after this experience.

    Hehe, I edited the original entry. Nahiya po ako sa inyo ni Ms. Sassy eh. Nasa Technorati?! Kakahiya. 😛 Nagpanic lang ako that time then naalala ko bigla yung nangyari sa blog ni Ms. Sassy. I realized though that my case was nothing compared to hers.

    Anyhow, thanks for dropping by Sir. (:

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