Johari Window and Nohari Window

I recently received a link from a friend – his Johari and Nohari Windows.

Similar to a concept in psychology (the name of which I cannot recall right now), the idea behind those windows is to discover what characteristics/personalities best describe the participant. It involves a window divided into for areas – known to self, not known to self, known to others and not known to others. Johari makes use of positive words while the Nohari makes use of negative words.

So, did I participate in his windows?

No, I didn’t. First of all, I haven’t seen him for almost 3 years. Except in pictures. And it’s actually due to my current circumstances. That being the case, secondly, I really don’t know the person anymore. Or at least, I’m not sure if I still know him. Thus, lastly, the top five attributes that I will choose will not accurately describe who he is now or who he really is.
People change.

And I think the test, overall, does not really describe who the person is. It’s just like taking a survey of what people – yourself included – think of you. It’s just up to the person whether he/she believes more or gives more importance on what people think than what he/she thinks of him/herself.

The fact that my friend took this test gives me the notion that he cares – whether a lot or a little, I’m not sure – what others think of him.


Then there’s an option that that allows me to make my own Johari or Nohari windows. I didn’t make any. Because I don’t want know what other people – either close or distant friends – think of me. Because I, most of the time, don’t really care what they think of me.

People think they know,
but they don’t.

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