Try and Try

It’s been a while since I blogged on anything political. I got tired for a while. And responsibilities got in the way. SSDD. But I’m the mood right now so might as well write something. Also, I’ve noticed that my ‘short, short commentaries’ more often than not turned out pretty long. By my standards, at least.


In this news article, an ‘intelligence’ report says that the attempt to overthrow Gloria last Feb. 24 was a mere ‘dry run’ for the real thing. Aba, at kelangan pa pala ng practice? Isn’t that weird, if not dumb?

Here’s why I think so.

If I were one of the financiers of destabilizers, I’d say Huwat??? when I see a bullet point item in Oplan Hackle that’s labeled, Dry Run Coup. Who in their right mind would spend a lot of money for a dry run? I know very little about destabilizing governments but I’m guessing that it involves large amounts of money. Rallies cost money. From materials costs – like placards, streamers, banners, and other visual aids – to operational costs – like sending text messages, multi-organization coordinations, press conferences, and paying off officials – I’d say any attempt to oust Gloria is no cheap feat.

As a master of an acquaintance of a friend once told me, Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

So based on this, I can conclude that they did not. If each attempt were an investment, these people are losing unimaginable amounts of cash. Unless, of course, cash is not being used to finance the whole plan, but rather these – credit and promises.

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