Charter Change

In this news article, it’s the governors who want a piece of nasty political crisis cake. They are now suggesting cha-cha or charter change. They only need 3% of the registered voters for a plebiscite to be introduced. The League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) claims that the ‘their people’ will support this “people’s initiative” move because they are fed up with the political crisis. Also, they are suggesting a shift from the present bicameral system to a unicameral (or parliamentary) form of government.

The way I see it, charter change is the way to go mainly because of the 2 reasons.

More…One, no matter how many people whether they’re lawyers, law students, government officials, or even ordinary citizens, feel that one must defend the constitution, I think that our current constitution is simply full of loop holes. I, myself, now get confused which this are actually constitutional or unconstitutional. A constitution is something that us common people should be able to understand.

And two, this “initiative” will involve almost everyone from every corner of the country. Meaning, not only the noisy and attention-deprived citizens of Metro Manila who get to share their stand on the political crisis, but the rest of the nation will get this chance to voice out their sentiments – if they really approve of change via cha-cha, they sign; if they don’t approve, they don’t sign.

HOWEVER, I question this move that the LPP dubs as the “people’s initiative.” Based on the article, they (not the madlang people apparently) are suggesting of changing the from a bicameral to a unilateral system. Also, a governor says that there is a positive support for this campaign, yet claiming that “The people will follow their local leaders[…]”

Wait. I’m confused now. Is it really a “people’s initiative” that we have here? Who’s following who really?

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