Charter Change, Part 2

Here’s a twist to the so-called “people’s initiative” proposed by the League of Provinces of the Philippines, among other LGU groups such as League of Cities of the Philippines, the League of Municipalities, and The Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines. (I didn’t know that they had leagues for almost every local government position. Let’s just collectively call them League of Extraordinary Government Officials or LEGO.)

Going back to the issue, Senator Santiago and Senator Arroyo (on separate instances I assume) said in this news article that there’s a 1997 ruling by the Supreme Court declaring any “people’s initiative” to amend the 1987 Constitution is illegal, stating that “there is no law” or that “the law is inadequate” involving people’s initiative to amend the constitution.

Oh, I see.

So why the hell did LPP suggest that, if the move is illegal to begin with? And where did they get the “idea” of securing the “approval of 3 percent of the total registered voters of a legislative district “to initiate the holding of a plebiscite on Charter change” or the “approval of 12 percent of registered voters nationwide stipulated by the Constitution to effect Charter change through a people’s initiative”

Sigh. So many questions.

I still think that changing the constitution is necessary. We need to overhaul the whole thing. Or at least, revise and update it. Although their the most defining piece of document for any government, constitutions are not meant to stay unchanged especially now when change is more fast-paced than ever.

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