A few months ago, a co-worker of mine asked me if I could tutor her grandson who’s in fifth grade. Since she’s one of the few people who I like at the place where I work, I agreed. I get paid of course. That’s still extra income for me. It started as 2-hour sessions, twice a week. The first few session revealed that Mark maybe in grade 5 but he didn’t posses the basic skills of a fifth grader. I was supposed to tutor him on math only, but 2 hours of math lessons alone is equivalent to pure torture for kids his age.

As the sessions progressed, I noticed that he’s not the type who’s really into studying to say the least. His mind often wandered as revealed by his playing with the pencil, or doodling on the papers. Then Mark’s mom asked me to shorten the 2-hour tutoring to 1 hour. And then later, my tutoring became an on-call arrangement.

Auntie, my co-worker, called this afternon, saying that I need not tutor Mark today.


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