Tutor Payday

I tutored Mark last night. The 1-hour went by fast. Except for some spelling words that he still couldn't memorize, the whole session was nothing out of the ordinary. And besides, I was too tired from work that my patience and attention were wearing thin pretty fast. The highlight of the night was the family dinner.

Normally, I don't stay for beyond the 1-hour because I had other places that I needed to go to. But tonight, just when I was about to leave, Mark's parents insisted that I stay. Nakakahiya naman tumangi, so I did. His grandma, my co-worker prepared the meal. We had tinolang manok for dinner. The dinner was really awkward for me. You see, they have the tendency of making kwento in their native dialect. They were speaking in Ilocano, a dialect that I don't understand. All of them were having a lively discussion on something. I was mostly eating my dinner, giving occasional smiles when they were laughing, while composing this blog entry in my head. It was kind of Auntie though to translate in Tagalog some of the stories that they were talking about.

After dinner, Mark's mother gave me the payment for the tutoring. I bid them goodbye and I was off to the nearest bookstore, before heading home. : )

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