Less Blogging

I just noticed that most of my recent blogs didn't concern any news. It's becuase, I opted not to read the online news papers. I did catch some news on tv but I didn't really pay attention. See, I'm trying not to get too involved in current events. When I read the news, there's always this part of me which wants to do more research on the issues by looking for articles online. But more than that, there's the need to follow the developments in the issue.

Reading the news is like watching teleseryes. I just avoid the tv because I really don't like how they report the news. It's as if you are watching a teleserye; dramatic dialogue, forceful delivery, flowery words, and the 'reporting' face. To me, they often appear to be acting – hindi natural.

Back to not reading the news. As I was saying, following the news is like following a teleserye. Thus, it takes time. Which I'm having less and less. 

In short, I cannot spend as much time as I used to when I started this blog. I'm slacking in my other responsibilities – i.e. house chores – because I spend 'too much time' in front of the computer. Just when I found something that I like doing, things get noisy-crazy at home. And it's draining the life-force, that I've been trying so hard to recover, in me again. Buwiset.

2 thoughts on “Less Blogging

  1. hey. pilipino ka pala. wala lang. It’s just nice reading ya. Do drop by my page, although ala pa maxadong nakalagay dun.

    Nga pala, how were you able to edit your template? I’m planning to put some stuff of my own on the sides. Ito nga lang ang kulang sa WP which I had before with Blogger and Blogdrive.

    God bless!

  2. Hi. I’m not sure what type of WP you’re using pero ako I’m using the web-based WP so limited yung editing options. It has built-in templates like this one, WP-Andreas09 1.5 by Ainslie Johnson. Unlike most of the other templates, this allows you to edit the sidebars. May mga available “widgets” dun, so drag-and-drop lang. Pero I still don’t have any in-depth knowledge about the widgets.

    Buti rin yun, wala masyadong options. Baka kung ano pang maclick ko at magselfdestruct ‘to. Used to do Blogger para pagaralan ko yung codes and all, pero nawalan ng time. So nagstick ako with WP.

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