Congress Wants To Be The President

This is going to be a short entry.

In this news article, the Congress is so against Charter Change via the so-called People's Initiative. First, they say that there's no enabling law for it. And now, they say the President can't touch its contingent fund. And that this move is immoral. Etc. Etc.

Congress (or the Legislative branch for that matter), you're twisted. If you wanted to rule everything, you should have all run for presidency! You want the decision making to solely lie on you. You want fund allocation and money spending to lie on you. Aba! Eh di kayo na magpatakbo ng bansa! Last time I checked, the President is the highest position in the government. So go back to making laws that work for us and not yourselves or not against the president.

I'm not a big fan of Gloria either, but hey, let us face the reality that she's IS the only viable option for leading the country. (If you use the term "leading" loosely of course.) But at least, she admits the constitution needs to be changed. She just needs to stay "up there" long enough to push these major political and socio-economic changes. We badly need them.

Charter Change is not about whether we have the funds or not. It's about changing the flawed constitution. Now.

The only interest that these fine congessmen are protecting is their own. They want to protect their power. (They're already worried about the 2007 elections!) They want to protect their money. And they want to protect a "constitution" that sustain their political species.

I say, go change the constitution and let's get rid of these congressmen.

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