Round 2

The Supreme Court has declared that EO 464 is unconstitutional. And now the senate is gearing up for another round of investigations. Well, I don't think the EO 464 would endure indefinitely. And I don't think Malacanang intended it to last that long. It was just meant to delay the inquisitions. And seems that they have succeeded.

It was also good that the SC has already cleared the issue. Sen. Arroyo was right when he said that there should be balance between the executive and the legislative branches of the government. I agree with him, despite the tendency of the senate to grill its guests. So I thought that it was just natural for the cabinet members to protect themselves (not necessarily the President) from any humiliation.

Anyways. Although, the neutralization of EO 464 does not guarantee that they will get the answers that the Senate (and the concerned Filipinos as well) want. Malacanang has probably been preparing for this moment too.

But at least, there's the chance again to uncover the truth about the gazillion issues connected with the Arroyo presidency. I just hope that the senators won't over do their investigation.

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