Welcome, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now proud parents of healthy baby girl according to E! and CNN reports. Angelina gave birth in Namibia, a little county in Africa, on the night of May 27. Many have described their baby as the most anticipated baby since Jesus. And waiting for the baby’s arrival was like waiting for the Second Coming. Or the First, depending on what you believe in.

The country, Namibia, and its officials have even taken extreme (not just extra) precautions to prevent people – from curious local citizens to carnivorous journalists – from constantly monitoring the First Couple’s every moves. They wanted the couple to have the utmost privacy that they can afford. And I must say, they're doing a pretty good job. (At the expense of their tax payers moolah of course.)

According to the a news report, unless a person has a written permission from the Brad or Angelina, he or she is not allowed anywhere near the two. And the Nambians (or majority of them) are even considering the birthday of the baby a national holiday.

Talk about having star power to the political level.
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Strike 3 for Indonesia

This news article in CNN tells us about the latest earthquake that just struck Indonesia. Grabe! What's up with Indonesia and natural disasters? I mean, the country was struck by a tsunami back in December 2004, then another big one jolted the county on March 2005, and now we have this 6.3 earthquake that struck in the middle of the night. Most of estimated 5,800* people who died probably didn't know what hit them. How worse can you get? I hope we don't find out soon. Well, there's Mount Merapi, 50 miles north of the quake's epicenter, that is said to have increased volcanic activity right after the quake. They also said that the quake could trigger a larger eruption. Yikes.

But how do you explain something like this to a country? Parang sinasadya na. (It's like earthquakes are being directed at their country.) Although this type of natural event is something you should expect in a country located along the ring of fire. But why Indonesia? Again? Statistically speaking, I'd say that their just plain malas.

Is Indonesia being punished by God?

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American Idol, Update

Taylor Hicks is the American Idol's 5th season. Well, he deserved it actually. But it was not as if he dominated the whole season, according to a friend. Ultimately it was down to either another Kelly-Carrie idol or a completely new type of idol.

Perhaps, it was part of the AI strategy to have an "older" winner so as to attract the more mature generation. That's why they widened the age limits this time. And I was thinking, the voting for the final winner was more like a battle between the parents and the kids.

Anyways, congratulations to Taylor Hicks fans out there!
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American Idol

Have you sent you international text votes already? Did you place that international phonecall? Hehe : )
I don't exactly watch American Idol religiously. But as many have claimed this early (after the Tuesday night show), the last song of Katharine McPhee didn't go quite well. (It actually sucked. But I love-love-love her anyway. She's just so damn adorable!) Taylor Hick's performance, on the other hand, ended on a strong note, probably placing him on the top spot.

But who knows that the outcome will be. McPhee captivated everyone – boys and girls alike – with her charm and talent. And Taylor is one heck of a singer – just don't pay too much attention to his facial expressions, as a friend pointed out.

Although my heart goes all the way for the Oh-so-pretty McPhee, my mind is telling me Taylor has bagged this season's American Idol.

Sigh. I really liked McPhee pa naman.

Oh well. I'm looking forward to the final show when they perform with other artists such as Meatloaf and Mary J. Blige.

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Bad Interpretation

I had this dream last week. It was a sequence of scenes of familiar yet not-so-familiar things and people. But this one particular 'scene' bothered me: most if not all of my teeth fell out. I can't remember exactly what made them fall off, if I hit my jaw on an object or if I ate something.

What bothers me is that I remember someone telling me that falling teeth in a dream is a bad sign. And usually, it means death or some serious illness. Remembering that totally creeped me out. I just hope it's just the death of tv show character that I like. Or death of tree. Or an insect.

And not of somebody I know, or worse, care about.

Part of me wants to research again on the meaning of cerain dreams. But part of me doesn't want to find out.

This is definitely one dream that I don't want to come true.

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Baby Names

I've been thinking of baby names lately. Just in case, you know. Plus, I want to reserve these names so that my friends won't use them (or any of the variations) anymore. These names are mine! Or rather, for my children. So my dearest soon-to-be-parent friends, if you're reading this blog entry x years (or months) after I wrote it, you'll know that I was the first to think of these names and put it in writing. So back off and think of something else! Hehe : )

If ever, I want my eldest to be a girl.
1. Antoinette Michelle (Amy)
2. Emily Margaret [or Margaux] (Emma)

For a boy.
1. Jose Christopher (JC)
2. William Andrew (Will) [updated]

Hmm. I never really thought of a name for a boy yet. Boy-names are a bit challenging because the name ought to match the personality/character of the child. Like, for some reason, a "Jonathan" sounds smart, well-versed, and manly-cute compared to a "Ramon." But maybe that's just me. Like back in gradeschool, I used to come up with future-children names based on cartoon and tv show characters because I like/crush them.

But now that things can happen so fast, I want to be prepared coz I don't want to have this Uhmm look when the doctors ask for a name.

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The Da Vinci Code, Da Movie

I have every intention of watching the Da Vinci Code movie mainly because I want to see how well the book was adapted. I’ve read comments about the movie, and most of them aren’t very encouraging to say the least. Well, I’ve read enough negative reviews about the book itself since it came out years ago; thus, I feel I’ve been desensitized already. For these people. it’s either their beliefs have been rattled so much that they out-right reject the ideas (not necessarily facts) that the book presented, or they just wanted to go against what’s eating up pop-culture these days. Come on people. It’s just a book (a pretty interesting, thought-and-faith provoking book) so just relax and don’t over-react to it. Don’t be over-stressed. Enjoy the movie and make the most of your hard-earned movie-money.

Amidst the endless, already-annoying debates sprung by the Dan Brown, one thing the author definitely made me do was take a closer look at The Last Supper painting of Leonardo Da Vinci. The person opposite of Jesus on his right side does look like a woman.

Sana hindi ko ‘to tulugan like Harry Potter 1.

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