On Spending

The main reasong why we work: to have the ability to spend.

The past month has been very, very busy. And when I feel stressed out beyond normal levels, I usually resort to "retail therapy" to make myself feel better. But the this time, I think I over did it. I almost spent all the money I have been saving from the my weekend job (which I kinda gave up recently.) I bought clothes, shoes (technically it's down to one pair because I had to return the others because they didn't feel right after a couple of strides), electronics (cellfone, discman, mp3 player), and other miscellaneous items for the house.

What can I say? I'm an impulsive consumer. (Help boost the economy! Be a spender!) And I am extra impulsive when I get stressed out.

Having two jobs is not the greatest thing in the world. When people hear my working every day, they seemed to be always impressed by it, as if it's an accomplishment of some sort. But the thing is, it is not. Maybe it takes a lot of extra effort to have two or three jobs, and for that, I may deserve some credit.

But it all these just shows how high the need for money is. Some (or most, I think) just need one job to be able to support the activities that they want to do, things that they want to buy. But having two is more like an act of desperation.

It's just sad that working everyday does not only consume 8 or so hours of your life each day. There are a million other things that I want to do. And instead of having the money to do all (or at least one-fourth) of it, I spend the rest of my non-work time trying to get enough rest from work, so that I will have enough enough energy for the next day.

It drains you, rather than enables you.

And with that, meaning and purpose behind working have been lost.

I'm rambling.

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