Baby Names

I've been thinking of baby names lately. Just in case, you know. Plus, I want to reserve these names so that my friends won't use them (or any of the variations) anymore. These names are mine! Or rather, for my children. So my dearest soon-to-be-parent friends, if you're reading this blog entry x years (or months) after I wrote it, you'll know that I was the first to think of these names and put it in writing. So back off and think of something else! Hehe : )

If ever, I want my eldest to be a girl.
1. Antoinette Michelle (Amy)
2. Emily Margaret [or Margaux] (Emma)

For a boy.
1. Jose Christopher (JC)
2. William Andrew (Will) [updated]

Hmm. I never really thought of a name for a boy yet. Boy-names are a bit challenging because the name ought to match the personality/character of the child. Like, for some reason, a "Jonathan" sounds smart, well-versed, and manly-cute compared to a "Ramon." But maybe that's just me. Like back in gradeschool, I used to come up with future-children names based on cartoon and tv show characters because I like/crush them.

But now that things can happen so fast, I want to be prepared coz I don't want to have this Uhmm look when the doctors ask for a name.

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