The Da Vinci Code, Da Movie

I have every intention of watching the Da Vinci Code movie mainly because I want to see how well the book was adapted. I’ve read comments about the movie, and most of them aren’t very encouraging to say the least. Well, I’ve read enough negative reviews about the book itself since it came out years ago; thus, I feel I’ve been desensitized already. For these people. it’s either their beliefs have been rattled so much that they out-right reject the ideas (not necessarily facts) that the book presented, or they just wanted to go against what’s eating up pop-culture these days. Come on people. It’s just a book (a pretty interesting, thought-and-faith provoking book) so just relax and don’t over-react to it. Don’t be over-stressed. Enjoy the movie and make the most of your hard-earned movie-money.

Amidst the endless, already-annoying debates sprung by the Dan Brown, one thing the author definitely made me do was take a closer look at The Last Supper painting of Leonardo Da Vinci. The person opposite of Jesus on his right side does look like a woman.

Sana hindi ko ‘to tulugan like Harry Potter 1.

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2 thoughts on “The Da Vinci Code, Da Movie

  1. I’m with you: I’ve read so many negative reviews about The Da Vinci Code that my expectations are now as low as they can possibly be. As a result, I’ll probably think the thing is a masterpiece once I actually see it!

  2. The important thing is to enjoy the movie. If I want to have an indepth knowledge about Christianity or Leonardo Da Vinci or Opus Dei, there are countless books available for research and I could ask people who know these topics. Some people are just to hyper-critical.

    They forget that movies are made to entertain. šŸ™‚

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