Bad Interpretation

I had this dream last week. It was a sequence of scenes of familiar yet not-so-familiar things and people. But this one particular 'scene' bothered me: most if not all of my teeth fell out. I can't remember exactly what made them fall off, if I hit my jaw on an object or if I ate something.

What bothers me is that I remember someone telling me that falling teeth in a dream is a bad sign. And usually, it means death or some serious illness. Remembering that totally creeped me out. I just hope it's just the death of tv show character that I like. Or death of tree. Or an insect.

And not of somebody I know, or worse, care about.

Part of me wants to research again on the meaning of cerain dreams. But part of me doesn't want to find out.

This is definitely one dream that I don't want to come true.

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