American Idol

Have you sent you international text votes already? Did you place that international phonecall? Hehe : )
I don't exactly watch American Idol religiously. But as many have claimed this early (after the Tuesday night show), the last song of Katharine McPhee didn't go quite well. (It actually sucked. But I love-love-love her anyway. She's just so damn adorable!) Taylor Hick's performance, on the other hand, ended on a strong note, probably placing him on the top spot.

But who knows that the outcome will be. McPhee captivated everyone – boys and girls alike – with her charm and talent. And Taylor is one heck of a singer – just don't pay too much attention to his facial expressions, as a friend pointed out.

Although my heart goes all the way for the Oh-so-pretty McPhee, my mind is telling me Taylor has bagged this season's American Idol.

Sigh. I really liked McPhee pa naman.

Oh well. I'm looking forward to the final show when they perform with other artists such as Meatloaf and Mary J. Blige.

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