Strike 3 for Indonesia

This news article in CNN tells us about the latest earthquake that just struck Indonesia. Grabe! What's up with Indonesia and natural disasters? I mean, the country was struck by a tsunami back in December 2004, then another big one jolted the county on March 2005, and now we have this 6.3 earthquake that struck in the middle of the night. Most of estimated 5,800* people who died probably didn't know what hit them. How worse can you get? I hope we don't find out soon. Well, there's Mount Merapi, 50 miles north of the quake's epicenter, that is said to have increased volcanic activity right after the quake. They also said that the quake could trigger a larger eruption. Yikes.

But how do you explain something like this to a country? Parang sinasadya na. (It's like earthquakes are being directed at their country.) Although this type of natural event is something you should expect in a country located along the ring of fire. But why Indonesia? Again? Statistically speaking, I'd say that their just plain malas.

Is Indonesia being punished by God?

Or by nature? What in heaven's name did they do to receive such devastating blows? At a yearly basis? And how do you tell them not to lose hope? Coz I were an Indonesian right now, I'd leave the country ASAP before some 'natural' disaster bites me from behind and leaves me dumb-struck in the middle of the night.

And this line from Yahoo! News really disturbed me:

Subarjo, a 70-year-old food vendor, sobbed next to his dead wife, his house destroyed. "I couldn't help my wife … I was trying to rescue my children, one with a broken leg, and then the house collapsed," he said. "I have to accept this as our destiny, as God's will."

God's will? Mr. Subarjo, do you seriously believe that all this is God's will? As big disaster strikes a bit too often than a human spirit could anticipate, I'm finding it more and more difficult to believe that something like this could be a result of God's will. I mean, the God that I know can give you crap once in a while, but to bring something like earthquakes upon your country every so often, I really don't know what to make of it.

Then again, maybe some people just say that something is God's will if they themselves are plainly overwhelmed – beyond their intelligence, beyond their understanding, beyond their faith – by the disaster.

Ewan. Let's just pray for a quick recovery for the people there. And hope that the Fates would lay their hands off of them for a while.

* – Updated on June 25, 2006 based on this article.

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