Welcome, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now proud parents of healthy baby girl according to E! and CNN reports. Angelina gave birth in Namibia, a little county in Africa, on the night of May 27. Many have described their baby as the most anticipated baby since Jesus. And waiting for the baby’s arrival was like waiting for the Second Coming. Or the First, depending on what you believe in.

The country, Namibia, and its officials have even taken extreme (not just extra) precautions to prevent people – from curious local citizens to carnivorous journalists – from constantly monitoring the First Couple’s every moves. They wanted the couple to have the utmost privacy that they can afford. And I must say, they're doing a pretty good job. (At the expense of their tax payers moolah of course.)

According to the a news report, unless a person has a written permission from the Brad or Angelina, he or she is not allowed anywhere near the two. And the Nambians (or majority of them) are even considering the birthday of the baby a national holiday.

Talk about having star power to the political level.
Wow! I always thought that celebrities possess some sort of power over us ordinary people. But to get that kind of treatment from a whole country? It’s simply amazing. And I thought that Hollywood only influences our culture and mentality. I guess it can also control a freakin' country.

Then again, these are no ordinary tinseltown personalities. Angelina is an ambassador of goodwill for UN High Commissioner on Refugees. She and Bono of U2 have toured around the world, not promoting albums or movies, but reaching out to the poorest of the poorest. Much like celebrity versions of the late Mother Theresa. And Brad Pitt, well, he's 42 and he's *hotter* than ever. What else can we say right? Heehee
But amidst this Christmasy feeling surrounding the baby girl, do they even realize how the baby would feel when she finds out how much the whole world awaited her arrival. It's pressure no celebrity child in the recent century has ever or will ever bear. She don't know it yet but her life will probably be the most well-documented – whether with permission from Mommy Angelina and Daddy Brad or otherwise.

So, to Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, welcome to this crazy, crazy world. Yes, your world is already bigger than Hollywood my dear. Be strong becuase it's not as pretty as your mommy and daddy. And I hope you grow to be really, really pretty. Or if you turn out to be pretty ordinary looking, be as nice to the world as you mom is lest you disappoint the world.

Just a thought: Maybe Shiloh is "the gift"; in exchange for those 3700 or so lives that was taken by the latest Indonesian quake. Hmm…

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