What Comes Around, Goes Around

I just thought of this today. I don't know why but I get this feeling that Angelina is going to leave Brad Pitt. The why's are not important but I think it's more of when.

You see, I really think that what Brad did to Jen is very serious. Grave even. You do not do something like that to someone you supposedly love – whether she's your wife, mother, sister, or coworker. To abandon (yeah, I think Brad abandoned Jen) somebody is plain heartless and cruel. And to hook-up with a hotter woman and have a child with that soon, ugh!, that's almost unforgivable.

Well, that's Hollywood as most people would say. Celebrity divorce is very common in tinseltown. I think it has even arrived at a point wherein divorce is actually a norm.

Anyways, I just feel that since Shiloh has been born already, Angelina Jolie's use for Brad Pitt is almost "done" as well. I mean, why would she want Brad Pitt to hang around? It is very clear that she can take care of her litters pretty well even before Brad came along. Adding Shiloh to the pack will not make it any harder. And Angelina is a very strong woman. The last thing she needs is a oh-so-loving husband who she can share all her blessings with. Come on! She doesn't strike me as the type who needs (or even wants) a husband. (A sex partner perhaps?) Angelina has too many things – bigger than Hollywood things – waiting for her.

If this Brangelina goes to Splitsville as well, I will not be surprised. And, if ever, I wonder how would Brad feel being dumped by People's magazine "Most Beautiful"?

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