More Custom Header Images

They did it again! I just learned that WordPress team has added custom header option to more of their themes! I'm not stuck with green anymore. Hehe 🙂

I find it funny how now that I have dsl, I'm finding it more difficult to write/comment about other current events such as the resurrection of the impeachment complaint against Arroyo, the all-out attack agains NPA, customizing Friendster, etc. So many things to write about, so little time. Or actually, so little energy to all of them.

Recently, I was also able to download gigs and gigs of media files, and I have only seen less than five of them. And I think I need to back-up my files because this computer is running a bit slower everyday. I hope it's not being caused by a nasty virus or worm or spyware. Sigh. The things that come with high speed internet. 

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