Death to Death Penalty

In this Inquirer article, the Death Penalty law is dead. Did they really do this so that they have a "gift" to the new pope? Perhaps. There are certain groups complaining about how fast the it was abolished. [And yet, we also complain how slow most laws are enacted. It's always a lose-lose situation.] They may have a point.

But the thing with the Death Penalty law is, did it significantly reduce crime rates? Did it serve its main purpose, which is to deter heinous crimes? I think not. In some countries, it may did in the past but our situation here has been different. So we cannot expect that the implementation of such a law significantly affects the commission of heinous crimes. It's not even mainly about the high moral standards that are being taught and upheld by the Catholic Church.

And this comment by Dante Jimenez in the same article is so foolish.

“The abolition is not very timely because of the existence of terrorist groups, hardcore criminals, syndicates and kidnappers,” said Dante Jimenez, head of Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption.

“The abolition may mean that victims of heinous crimes might take the law in their hands.”

In a text message, Jimenez said that he would urge the people to arm themselves against criminals.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Jimenez’s suggestion was “irresponsible.”

For once, I agree with Mr. Lacson. Why say something evocative like that? Maybe Mr. Jimenez was very upset with the fast passage of RA 9346 because he and his loved ones were victims of unforgivable crimes. But laws aren't meant to favor or protect a few citizens of a nation.

I think, what we need is a more effective and efficient and incorruptible justice system and law enforcement, rather than creating laws that give extreme punishment. Particular law schools have always prided themselves to be the "best" law schools of our country, and yet there's still so much to be desired from our justice system. [Are they the ones running and influencing the justice system, or are the products of the other law schools doing this to justice system?]

Besides, letting convicted criminals rot for life in one of our densely over-crowded jails is far worse than dying a 5-minute death via lethal injection.

And the secret measures to lower crime rates? Manny Pacquiao fights.

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