Impeachment: Ikalawang Yugto

And so, after one year after the first impeachment complaint went out the window, a new (and improved!) impeachment complaint was filed again today. This article in Inquirer also gives a list of complaints.

My initial reaction to the list: it looks pretty damn solid. [Then again, looks can be deceiving.] And it will all depend on how the opposition will handle the case up until it reaches the Senate. Since its first dismissal last year due to "technicalities", much have already happened. This time around, it goes beyond the Garci tapes and election rigging. Some of the complaints now include EO 464 and State of Emergency related issues.

Thus, this time, I think following how this case unfolds is definitely worth it.

In the mean time, some people should already start thinking about what will happen after Arroyo gets impeached, if ever. Do we still do Cha-Cha? Do we slide to a parliamentary form of government? And more importantly, who do we have as a potential substitute for Gloria?


Hmm. Wala pa rin. Oh well. We'll cross the bridge when we get there.

If we ever get there.

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