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In this Inquirer article, a third complaint was submitted by Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez of the CBCP.

Iñiguez and his Kilusang Makabansang Ekonomiya filed the third impeachment complaint against the President in as many days under an opposition strategy to ensure that the charges are not dismissed on technicalities.

The second complaint was filed by former VP Teofisto Guingona the other day. Don’t these people know that they can only file one complaint? In a reply to my comment, Ms. Sassy Lawyer clarified that “only the first complaint will be given due course.” If that’s the case, then people should really stop submitting their “own” version of the first complaint. Sayang sa papel!

And can somebody please once and for all, give us the time stamp of the complaint last year. Or rather, just tell us when the new complaint should have been submitted. Some of us are simply too dumb and too tamad to know when to start counting the days.

I always believed in the separation of State and Church. And here in our country, the line between the two grows thinner every time. However, I think Bishop Iñiguez crossed the line this time.

Iñiguez said he did not believe that he should disassociate himself from politics. Faith and religion, he said, should contribute to the development of society.

Yes, faith and religion should contribute to the development of society. It’s one thing to convince and motivate the public to search (and clamor) for the truth. But it’s also another thing to play an active role in the political process such as this impeachment. If you were the second person to submit a complaint, I can understand (and maybe accept) the timing argument. But you’re the third. And according to professionals, only the first one counts. If this one suffers the same fate as last year’s complaint, due to technical issues or whathaveyou, then that’s that. Wait another one year.

Whether your acting under the directive of the CBCP or your Kilusang Makabansang Ekonomiya or your own personal accord, it does not matter. Don’t confuse your role in the Church with your other roles in society. You can’t play multiple characters at the same time. Because if you do, it’s a medical condition called dissociative identity disorder (initially named multiple personality disorder.)

We already have enough people telling the rest of the world what they think we’re telling the rest world. (Confused? Read it again until you get it.) Stop representing us. Because, guess what?, we don’t need any divine light to tell us what to think. With regards to our political stand, most of us can actually think for ourselves.

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