Made in N. Korea

The US, and the rest of the world it seems, is going to deal with more threats in the coming days or months or even years. The military might of the US is now spreading too thinly over Iraq, with no clear end in sight. Then Iran will not stop its nuclear research, insisting that it’s essential to their energy program. And now, we have North Korea testing “long range” missiles according to this CNN report.

The missile tests have sparked condemnation around the world and the U.N. Security Council is planning to meet Wednesday morning to discuss North Korea’s actions.

What are they up to really?

It doesn’t matter whether the missiles were defective. It’s the fact that they’re developing their weapons – particularly these missiles that are intended to reach great distances – that should cause everyone to worry. We’ve heard in the past that such weapons can reach the western side of the US if they get to perferct that weapon. Although the failure of the test can downplay the threat, it still nonetheless a very real threat.

Then again, who are we to worry about being targeted by a intercontinental ballistic missile. We are too insignificant to be considered as a target.

And besides, we’ve got lots of Korean residing/hiding here. Would theyrisk hurting their own people? Never occurred to me though if they’re from the North or the South.

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