Italy Wins 2006 World Cup

Italy has won the 2006 World Cup, outscoring France during the penalty kick.

I’d blame the loss of France on two people: David Trezeguet for missing a penalty kick and, of course, Zinedine Zidane. It’s so sad (and pathetic, really) for Zidane to end his career with that stupid headbutt. If you saw it, he and Marco Materazzi were not even physically at each other’s throat. No one saw the headbutt coming, not even Marco nor the referees. It was being contested that the refs did not see it actually happen, but may have based the decision on the fantastic slow-motion reply on the stadium’s big screens.

Either way, it did happen. And we’ll probably be seeing that clip in youtube soon.

I would have wanted France to win this mainly because of the riots and civil unrest the country experienced late last year. Now, the French may not even be proud of their soccer/football team. I hope that bad sentiment gets focused on Zidane alone, and not on the whole team.

It’s funny to think that you can spend a lifetime building and sustaining an amazing career and a reputation, and it only takes one mindless action by you no less to crush it into pieces.

Zidane naman kasi!

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