Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon War Continues

I think, at this point, it’s more appropriate to label it as “Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon War.” Israel is not really attacking Lebanon as a country. Rather, it’s a military offensive against the Shiite militia. As with any armed conflict, it’s just sad to think that civilians are caught in the middle of it all. Lives are lost, infrastructures destroyed. And it doesn’t matter anymore who has more casualties. The important question is: did they – both Israel and the Hezbollah – achieved anything from this?

More than a week have passed. Israel continues to pound on the suspected Hezbollah-inhabited areas. Do they really think that they can eliminate the Shiite militia? As I have written in the comments section of my previous post, “To disarm and to remove Hezbollah (the Shiite militia) from Lebanon means flushing [out] a very strong and influential sect.” They are very much a part of Lebanon. This particular sect may be up in arms, but there is also a great number of the Lebanese people who wants – demands! – that the armed conflict be stopped. Yet Israel is showing no signs of slowing down its operations.

Even though I think that the Hezbollah’s abduction of two Israeli soldiers is the root-cause of this war, I feel it has come to a point that we can also put the blame on Israel. The damage they have caused – not on the militants but on the whole Lebanon – is just too much.

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2 thoughts on “Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon War Continues

  1. hi…600 kassam rockets fired into Israel this year alone. Olmer’s response was non-existant….so now this.

    Hizbollah……the US had said we would destroy them, when the time was right, after the Marine Peace-keepers got wasted. IMHO 9-11 was the right time….but better late than never….

    Their lineage goes back to Chechnya during WWII…..the SS trained groups to offer resistance to Stalin. Hitler met with more than one Immam and was quite impressed with them…….

    We need to take these savages out now. We had the intestinal fortitude to do it in the ’40s, despite the same arguments against action and victory, as are given now. We will either take these fascists out again, or they will us.


  2. i from lithuania so my view is totally different i know what is propaganda.
    this hezbollah and arab propaganda concentration on human suffering. this time
    you won. but do you truly won i don`t think so. truly war even did not started
    now about 170 jews had died and you say this is defeat gets very funny.
    jews will get only benefit from it. finally comic Lebanon army will be in south.
    and pressure on Iran begins. its get funny when Arab can`t pronounce
    hezbollah equal terrorism. and all world has to know that one jewish helicopter
    was shot down. hezbollah scared to recognize what jews every day shoots about 20-40
    hezbollah terrorists. so you can really start to count how much hezbollah terrorists
    was killd 🙂
    about civilians deaths it looks that arabs are illiterates than jews suggest to
    run away it you care you will get it i don`t understand womens which don`t care
    abuot there children, which with such joy speak you know i don`t have money so i stay
    with my children in war zone it`s truly shows everything. that hezbollah
    supporters are like Nazis who are ready to sacrifice theirs and theirs
    children lifes for hezbollah.
    than silly arabs talk that hezbollah is a part of Lebanon and that hezbollah
    legally elected
    i can say one sentence it you aren’t? stupid to understand it:
    Hitler was elected also

    it reminds Vietnam do you know why USA lost war because USA could not attack north Vietnam.
    because Vietnam was supported by Russia and could start World War III.
    so what do we learnt from this
    that jews first need to cut supply from Iran so we leave Lebanon for few moments aside and go
    to work on top secret project Irans regimen change.

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