Middle East Crisis

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Stop the War

First of all, I am humbled by the responses of the some bloggers in this blog entry about the Isreal-Hezbollah war. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge in my little blog.

I realize now that my initial concern – like the rising prices of gas – is so trivial compared to our recent comments and their writers. As a Filipino who so distant from the actual war, my concerns are often limited to those that have direct and immediate effects on the Philippines. As a country though, I think our main concern is the safety of our people – the OFWs or the overseas Filipino workers – in both Israel and Lebanon. Thus, in this news report, our country is not taking any sides, a contrary position taken in the previous US-lead wars.

I believe though that there’s only one position: stop the war. What Israel, and the US, as well, are saying here is that a cease-fire will only happen if the “conditions are right.” Huh? A conditional cease-fire? That is just brutal.

At this point, it’s not about the abducted soldiers anymore. Perhaps, it’s a war on terrorist group. People from within and outside Lebanon share the same view and have condemned the actions of the militia. Yet we also know that this a group that was put into political power by the Lebanese – out of support or out of fear. They may be fighting against the Israelis who pose as a threat for decades. But in my opinion, I wouldn’t support any group or government that continually put its citizens in harms way.

As for Israel, it may well be called an invasion of southern region of Lebanon. They say that they will not stop until the Hezbollah has been totally purged, and that this can go on for a few more weeks. The military action of Israel is not a mere “reaction” to the abduction. A comment pointed out that perhaps, this whole conflict has been planned all along. The plan just needed a “trigger” for it to commence.

So, Israel and America, when will the conditions be right for a cease-fire? After a month? When the Hezbollah run out of rockets to fire? Or when you have killed much more civilians than members of the organization, and flattened the rest of Lebanon?

You talk about restoring the sovereignty of Lebanon to the Lebanese and yet your excessive military action is turning villages and major infrastructures to heaps of rubble and killing the very people you’re trying to free.

Whether you’re on the side of Israel or Lebanon, this war on “terror” is starting to make less and less sense.

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One thought on “Middle East Crisis

  1. I just wishh to express my disgust at the fact that the US administration continues to not just endorse but encourage Israel’s attacks on the Lebanon and lebanese poor and ignorant villagers. President Bush and his “poodle” secretary of state should have ask for a cease fire 2 weeks ago.

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