SONA 2006

Today, President Gloria Arroyo gives her 6th State of the Nation Address (SONA). According to this Manila Standards report, the focus of the SONA is on the economy of the country. Which is good, I think. For most working class citizens, our main concern is of course the guarantee of having a stable economic environment for companies to “live” in.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago says here that it is all-economy and virtually no governance. She’s expecting Mrs. Arroyo to discuss or at least mention the present political problems concerning the legitimacy of the current administration. Well, frankly, the SONA is not the best venue to talk about governance. It’s going to be a complete waste of time since we constantly hear about about it. Also, I’m tired of hearing about the filing of more impeachment complaints. It’s becoming less and less serious everytime. So that’s that.

I just want something that is close to inspirational. I already know – and see! – what the current state of our nation is in: not good. However, I want to hear what state our nation will be in the future. I need something that I can look forward to. A vision that would help me see that the future of our country is not all dark, cold, and wet.

I want to hear that we, as a country, have a fighting chance not only to merely survive, but to actually thrive.

I hope there is. And I hope that others can see and work towards it as well.

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7 thoughts on “SONA 2006

  1. Sana nga.

    But the thing is, the execution of the ‘vision’ should not be entirely depend on her and her alone. Rolling out the plan is the responsibility of the whole government – from the Senate down to the local government units.

    I am half-certain that those promises are coming from somewhere, and not mere illusions. It seems that she continues to work for the country and deliver results, despite the continuous resistance from the opposition.

    On more immediate concerns, we have yet to see how she can face (or out-maneuver) the impeachment complaint, anti-chacha campaign, or whatever issues that the opposition still have up their sleeves.

  2. hope all this will come true..sna mafucos cia sa kalagayang pangekonomiya ng ating bansa..hindi lng sa mga pinuri nyang mga manlalaro o kng sino man..sana lhat ng mga cnbi nya tuparin nya

  3. Yeah, hope. Hope against hope.

    Well, what else can we do di ba? Whether we’re all conscious or not about it, all of us – even our unborn children and OFWs – are paying for our country’s debt. That’s just the way it has been I think and most of us are just not always aware of that fact.

  4. alam niyo in order to be the promises of our president will be successful…let us cooperate with her…hindi lng xa ang tao sa pilipinas!!!!may responsibility din tayong mga under ng administration niya!!!!lets work with her!!!let us be united!!!!

  5. mabuhay ang ating mahal na pangulo atin siyang ipagmalaki siya ang ating buhay at pagasa! mabuhay! wala kayong magagawa kundi sumunod sa ating mahal na pangulo! tumino kau un ang solusyon!

  6. Joseph, that is just one of the solutions that our country needs. We need to cooperate with the governent – as a whole – if we want to achieve the Grand Vision.

    However, I also believe that bulk of the so-called solution has to come from the government. We cannot and should not blindly follow whatever “plans” the government has for us.

    More than anything else, I think we have to first understand what is happening and how the proposed solutions are supposed to work, and then to realize that working with the government has a direct benefit for each one of us.

    Mahirap din namang pilitin ang tao na sumunod na lang basta kung hindi natin nakikita na tayo at ang mga anak natin ang makikinabang sa hinaharap.

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