Hitting the Pause Button over Qana

Israel has finally suspended its airstrikes on Lebanon according to this BBC report for 48 hours as they investigate a very catastrophic airstrike on Qana in southern Lebanon.

The airstrike killed over 60 civilians, more than 30 of which were reported to be children.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora strongly condemns that airstrike, while Israel calls it a “tragic mistake.”

Although civilians have been warned of the great danger and are encouraged to flee, most of these people do not even have the means to go anywhere. They’re just as unsafe on the road.

One benefit of the temporary ceasefire is that it would significantly help in the arrival and distribution of humanitarian aid.

Hell, if the US do not want to call for a ceasefire, the rest of the world should! A conditional ceasefire should not even be an option. It’s time to totally stop the war!

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