SONA 2006: A Business Plan

It does make sense when I think about it.

At first, I felt that Gloria’s recent SONA was more of a inspirational speech. It outlined what her administration had accomplished so far, while battling and out-politicking the opposition. More importantly, the SONA had outlined what they intend to accomplish in the near future. And to write frankly, it was considerably very promising. Given the financial achievements she mentioned, I could feel those promises actually materializing.

They were not mere individual plans and isolated strategies, but rather, every element made-up a Grand Vision for the whole country. It’s as if everything is connected to everything. It’s an attempt to develop individual sectors and areas towards a unified, better-functioning nation. If the Grand Vision was a paper, I’d say it was very cohesive.

Which brings me to this point:

SONA 2006 was not just a motivational talk for the people; it was also a business plan of sorts for those who will help fund and sustain the Grand Vision.

At this point, most people know that although the government has gained the ability to generate more funds thru its recent fiscal policies (such as increasing taxes), the government would still need additional sources of funds in order to initiate and sustain such a big plan.

This Manila Standard report showed a general idea of how and where the money will come from. And from the looks of it, majority will come from international sources – loans from countries and from the sale of bonds. These are just additional funds that would supplement the ones already being generated by the government from tax collection and profit from government-owned corporations.

Most people, like myself, fear that loans and bonds are essentially debt

Here’s the thing. I have never seen a plan so transparent and so unified and so integrated before. We have to realize that this Grand Vision is not a mere concoction of a single person, namely Gloria Arroyo. I’d like to think that it was a creation of a team of hopefully knowledgeable individuals who know our country – our strengths, our weaknesses, our problems, and of course realistic solutions given an ever-changing socio-economic-political climate. A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis if you will.

More than just an inspirational speech, SONA 2006 was a business plan for the rest of the world – to the initial investors and fund providers, to the other governments of other countries, to the financial markets, and more importantly, to the Filipinos people across the globe.

Then again, the executing and sustaining programs of the Grand Plan is a totally different matter. Changes – major ones – have to be made. As I have written before, the Constitution needs a major updating and overhauling. I try to think of it this way: you cannot run the the latest computer programs if in this day and age, your computer is still running on a Pentium 133 processor and using 32MB of ram.

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