Meebo on WordPress

WordPress has just launched a new widget! It’s Meebo!

Meebo is essentially a web-based messenger program that allows registerd user to use his or her messenger. Check it out! And you can even log-in into your different messenger program all at the same time! Really cool, if you ask me. This is especially usefull for you people in offices who are not allowed to install programs like Yahoo! messenger or AIM, yet have access to the Internet.

Note however Meebo that the Meebo that you see is not a “shoutbox” nor a “chatter box” wherein other people can see your messege. Visitors of the site chat directly with the owner – me! – of the website (or can leave offline messeges when I’m offline). I think this is going to be useful if you prefer leaving private comments, instead of posting them.

So there. Another way to leave your comments. Ako lang naman makakabasa eh.

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2 thoughts on “Meebo on WordPress

  1. Oh, so it’s a WordPress widget now. Cool. I had my first try on meebo in Pinoyunderground. It’s quite clever really. And I agree, you cannot use meebo to replace your default chatter box. But it is a great feature.

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