Don’t Abused our OFWs

Short entry.

I read this report in Manila Standard saying that at least 8 of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) evacuated from Lebanon are suffering from mental illness. Although they say that it was induced by the war, a number of them have suffered ill treatment under their employers.

I think, A LOT of our OFWs not only in the middle east but across the world are suffering the different kinda of ill treatment from their employers. The government may have taken steps in promoting our workers as “diligent and competent workers,” yet it is clear that something needs to be done about abusive employers.

We need a program that looks into the our OFWs once in a while to check their living conditions and to take necessary diplomatic actions to address ill-treatment. Their remittances have contributed much to our country’s economy and I think they deserve to be educated about their rights, and be protected and guarded well-enough by the Philippine embassy in the country where they are working.

One little bright spot of the war is that the conflict has brought some of them the opportunity to return back to the Philippines, when they had none before.

Then again, if we can’t protect workers’ rights here,
pano pa kaya yung mga nasa ibang bansa.

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