The Real Cost of War

In recent news, both Isreal and the Hezbolla are targeting deeper into each other’s territories. It’s a sign that, rather than slowing down after the tragic ‘error’ in Qana, both sides are expanding their military activities well beyond the Israel-Lebanon borders. This can only mean one thing: more lives are bound to be affected by the war.

In Haifa, one of the largest cities of Isreal, Hezbollah rockets claimed the lives of 15 people and injured over a hundred others in this CNN report.

Neither side appears to be weakened after almost a month since the July 12 kidnapping of Isreali soldiers. Or so both say. So no one is really winning? Hmm.

As the fighting continues, draft for a total cease-fire was being formulated. The recent draft made by the US and France was rejected by the Lebanese for failing to include a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces within Lebanon. That makes sense given the fact that the Israeli have recently had ground operations in southern Lebanon. If that particular draft had been passed, then it’s already like handing southern Lebanon to Israel.

I wonder though if any UN resolution would complete stop the war.

The real cost of the Israel-Hezbolah war is not the total of costs of each rocket fired, buildings and roads destroyed, wages of the soldiers, operational expenses.

The real cost of war are lives lost and livelihoods destroyed.

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