Terrorist Plot Foiled

Just want to note this thwarted terror plot that involves blowing up airplanes. Again. This time, however, it involves the United Kingdom.

UPDATE: Initial reports from CNN and BBC can be read here and here.

Arrests have been made by the UK’s Scotland Yard concerning a terrorist plot. The plan was to blow up a number of airplanes while in flight between the United Kingdom and the United States. Currently there are no reports as to who or what group is behind the plan.

Security level has been raised by the British Home Office (their version of the US’s Homeland Security) to “critical” which means that the threat was very real. Airport security in all of the airports in UK has been tightened. Some flights into UK are cancelled. London’s Heathrow airport is currently closed to most flight within that region. Passengers are being hand-searched and all baggage are being inspected.

New traveling security measures include banning carrying hand luggage and, interestingly enough, liquids such as beverages and lotions in any flights. These are probably the materials were intended to be used for the plot. Only very important items like traveling documents are allowed to be carried by passengers.

Anyways, it’s pretty difficult to get into CNN and BBC websites right now. More reports will probably start pouring in the next few hours or so.

So if you’re traveling to any of those countries anytime soon, do expect some delays. I’m sure your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

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