2nd Impeachment Complaint

From Inquirer today

IN ANOTHER KILLING, President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo’s dominant allies threw out yesterday a second attempt to unseat her in two years. The House committee on justice voted 56-24 to trash the impeachment complaint backed by civil society.

The House Committee on Justice threw out the 8th impeachment complaint filed by the Black and White Movement, after determining that the 7 initial complaints were submitted even before the one-year ban of the previous complaint had elapsed.

I don’t get it. I’m not exactly a GMA fan nor am I for the opposition, but I think the people – we! – have the right to know the truth about the allegations made in the impeachment complaint.

And the only way to determine the truth and the lies, I think, is via due process. Not thru surveys, nor media showdowns, nor political bickerings on national television.

This political exercise would have been the most appropriate opportunity and venue for the issues to be settled. Sigh.

Well, were all the enumerated complaints really defective? Some may not be outright factual, but I’m pretty sure there were allegations that deserved to be addressed.

If 56 members of the House Committee on Justice “think” that the impeachment complaint is insufficient in substance, then that’s that. Or is it?
I liked this quote from Deputy Majority Leader Edcel Lagman:

Lagman said that while the complaint was “oozing with propaganda, it is parched in substance; while it is replete with innuendos, it is destitute of ultimate facts; it has a surfeit of generalizations but a dearth of specifications; it is a recital of self-serving conclusions of facts and law, not a recital of facts constituting the offense charged and determinative of the jurisdiction of the committee.”

I wonder how many times he pressed Shift+F7. Ilang beses kaya nya pinractice yung linya na yun? 😛

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