Dead Fishes

My little sister’s pet fishes died today.

My mom says she doesn’t know why they died. She just saw the two gold fishes and the black one sort of floating. The dead fishes weren’t trown away. Are you supposed to throw them away? Or bury them? Hmm. I guess it depends on my little sister since they’re her pets.

I wonder how she’ll take the news. She’s not that young anyway – she’ll eight in two months – but it’s hard to tell if this has any effect on her.

When I was a kid, we would actually bury dead pets in the backyard then we’d put a couple of leaves to serve as burial flowers. And there was this particular dog na iniyakan ko talaga because I was at a school activity when he died and was buried. After finding about it when I got home, I went to my room and just cried. Really sad.

Anyway, a dying pet is just part of the whole experience of taking care of pets.

Everytihng has to go at some time or another.


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