9/11 Anniversary

Should the whole world commemorate Sept. 11? Some people say everyone should. For different reasons , of course, but mainly becuase it was an attack on democracy and freedom. Some people say we shouldn’t because it was an attack on American imperialism and world dominance.

I acknowledge that many have died that day not only in the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings but in the other plane crashes as well. But the whole event was over-hyped and over-rated by the western media. I’m not reducing the gravity of the event but I think 9-11 had and still constantly overshadows the other “attacks” – bombings in Spain, London, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The world – spearheaded by the US, of course – has taken extreme measures to counter the threats and hunt down the masterminds.

But 5 years after 9/11, or 4 or 3 or 2 years after the other terror attacks, we ask ourselves: are we any safer?

I’d say no. Terrorism is not the problem. It’s the difference in ideologies and the undying quest for dominance of those ideologies.

But maybe, humans do not have to see the difference as a “problem” but rather a “given fact.” That it is something that we need to “work with”, and not against it.

Then again, perhaps it’s just more natural that we try to get each other’s necks.

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