Learn from Thailand

A military coup d’etat recently claimed to have overthrown Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra while he was attending a UN General Assembly in New York. General Sonthi Boonyaratglin and his Party of Democratic Reform have claimed to be in control of Thailand, saying that PM Thaksin has abused his position. They have also “revoked the constitution” while creating the Council of Administrative Reform.

In his first public appearance, Sonthi repeated earlier statements that the newly created Council of Administrative Reform had revoked the Constitution. CNN

My initial reaction upon learning the news: Uy! Parang Pilipinas.

Yes! It could have been our freaking country! A restless opposition. Alleged abuse of power. Wanting to change the constitution. Yet the planned coup d’etat never materialized. Well, there were the attempts. But they all pretty much ended without achieving their goals. Olats. A total waste of money and media attention.

Then again, maybe I’m overgeneralizing the similarities. But hey, at least now we can see a an actual what-if scenario. And maybe we could observe what will happen next.

On a final note. Thailand has a parliamentary form of government. Here, there have been talks about shifting from the current presidential form to a parliamentary system. The way I see it, it doesn’t really matter what the form of government is. There will always be a ruling party, an unsatisfied opposition, and corruption is bound to happen. It’s just in the nature of power.

Changing the system is not the real solution especially when we’re bound to have the same species of government officials running the show. We need to change the people, or at least, the type of people who get elected to office.

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