N. Korea

“N” as in Nuclear.

After testing missles a couple of months back, they’re now into nuclear weapons. Despite strong warnings by the international community against its planning of nuclear testing, North Korea still went through with it. Or so they say.

See, there are doubts as to whether the underground test was a success – whatever success meant for the Koreans – or that it was a dud because the seismic readings seemed to be too small to be considered a nuclear explosion according to some experts.

The bottomline is, North Korea got the world’s attention. It’s like saying “Hey, Iran, and before Pakistan, are not the only ones who have nuclear capabilities.”

The international community, lead by the US of course, wants to sanction North Korea. How worse can it get for them, being practically separated from the rest of the world already? Pakistan was also sanctioned for its nuclear testing before, but after a while, almost everything returned to normal. You can’t really contain a whole country now can you?

Sanctions are pretty much like spanking a kid’s behind with slippers. It stings but eventually it will go away. Perhaps, just like a kid, North Korea just wants the public attention and to prove (or try to prove) that they aren’t as weak and underdeveloped as the rest of the world perceive them to be.

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One thought on “N. Korea

  1. You can’t sanction them anymore than not having any trade or talks with them you fucking moron. What are you gonna do? Have the UN write him a letter saying how angry you are? Threaten to send another letter if he doesn’t stop?

    ohhhh, kim jong il is shaking in his gay looking boots.

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