Enlighten Me

I don’t get it. For some reason, my post “Maikling Kuwento” has been getting quite a number of hits lately. I can’t be sure if people read it or they just happen to click on it. I don’t even know if it can even be considered a maikling kuwento (short story in english.)

I tried to google it and surprisingly, it’s even on the first page of the results. It’s like being on the honor roll of “maikling kuwento” category. But I’m pretty sure that entry doesn’t deserved to be recognized one way or another as much as getting more than a hit or two.

But there are things – in this case, words – that do not need a lot of explanation. The best – not necessarily the happiest nor the most amazing – stories are not measured in its number of chapters nor in its number plot twists. The best stories are those that mean the most to the writer. It’s not in his/her characters, not in the storyline, not the twists, but in the resolution phase – what happens in the end.

Things happen. Not because they have a “reason” or a “purpose” or towards a fulfillment of some sort. Things happen because they do.

Or sometimes, they just don’t.

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